Dr Philip Bruggmann (Treasurer)

Arud Centres for Addiction Medicine, Switzerland

Philip is internal medicine specialist and works since 2003 as head of internal medicine at Arud in Zurich, Switzerland. An association founded in 1991, Arud runs 4 outpatient clinics for addiction medicine that provide an interdisciplinary care setting with substitution treatment, psychiatric and psychosocial therapy, and a full range of hepatitis and HIV care under one roof. Philip is serving as head of the executive board of Swiss Experts in Viral Hepatitis (SEVHep). In this function he leads the project of the Swiss Hepatitis Strategy. He is a founding member and former president of INHSU.

Philip is a Privatdozent at the University of Zurich, his main focus of research is in hepatitis C care for people who use drugs.

  • Location:¬†Arud Centres for Addiction Medicine, Switzerland