Why register?

If you need to get approval from your manager or workplace to attend the conference, the following four simple steps can assist you in your application.

  1. Focus on the Technical Benefits– focus on what you will bring back to your workplace not on how much you want to go. Technical benefits may include tools and techniques to improve your skills set, processes or best practices to increase productivity and efficiency, emerging and new technologies and advancements in clinical approaches
  2. Networking– the opportunity to discuss problems and challenges that you are facing with your peers and industry experts, and being able to talk as an equal with policymakers from government and industry bodies
  3. Cost Savings–book your registration early and you could save up to $50 on your registration. If you are travelling overseas to reach the conference, then booking your flights and accommodation early could also reduce costs. 
  4. Post Conference Benefits– Deliver a short presentation to your colleagues and share the speaker presentations you found most valuable to ensure they also benefit from your attendance – these are available on the conference website post-conference and via the virtual conference portal.