INHSU Africa 2020 was the first event of its kind to bring together regionally based advocates, policy champions, civil society leaders and the community of people who use drugs, to highlight best practices and contribute to enhancing drug user health and the elimination of HIV as well as hepatitis C.

At this historic meeting an African Declaration was made to eliminate hepatitis C and improve the health of people who use drugs.

The Africa Declaration calls on African political leaders and all global partners to:

  • Scale up harm reduction services
  • Make health services accessible for people who use drugs
  • Support community empowerment and community-based programmes
  • Improve access to affordable diagnostics and medicines
  • Eliminate stigma, discrimination and violence
  • Reform drug policies
  • Enhance funding for harm reduction and hepatitis C elimination efforts.

Follow up events

Following the regional meeting, INHSU has continued to partner with local policy champions working in the region to support their advocacy activities. These activities include:

INHSU Africa Advocacy RoundTable (virtual), 1st July 2020

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Download KENPUD Presentation

Download SANPUD presentation 

Summary of key outcomes

World Hepatitis Day Event South Africa (virtual), 28th July 2020

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Watch the recording of the event here.

International Overdose Awareness Day Event South Africa (virtual), 31st August 2020

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Download ‘Overdose in the time of COVID-19: issues, risks and realities‘ Presentation

Download ‘Community based overdose services‘ Presentation

Download ‘Saving lives and minimising the harms of drugs‘ Presentation

Download ‘Policy support for overdose and access to naloxone‘ Presentation

Download ‘University of Pretoria’s COVID-19 overdose prevention video‘ Presentation

historic meeting an African Declaration