Challenges on HCV Management in HCV/HIV Co-Infection Patients – Evidence from Cross-Sectional Study at NHTD (National Hospital of Tropical Diseases Hanoi – Vietnam)

Author: Dung N, Dung N, Lam N, Huyen N, Kinh N

Theme: Clinical Research Year: 2015

To provide the knowledge of HCV disease for HCV/HIV co-infection patients and study their ability in HCV treatment access in limited setting.

A cross-sectional study was conducted in NHTD from June to December 2012. HCV knowledge including the disease progression, management and treatment were provided for all chronic HCV/HIV co-infection patients at OPC (out – patients clinic) – NHTD by doctors.

There was 825 (40 %) HCV/HIV co-infection in total 2064 HIV patients in this hospital have been receiving information about HCV disease at that time. After that there were 226 (27.3%) patients who agreed to do Fibroscan and only 71 (8.6%) patients did HCV – RNA test with 63 (7.6%) out of them having HCV-RNA positive. Only 26 patients (3.2%) joined to HCV treatment by PEG – IFN plus ribavirin. Refused to take the test or treatment due no having money was reasons given by most of patients at that time.

High rate of HCV/HIV coinfections but can not access to the treatment due to expensive price that things make a big challenge in HCV management for both patient and health care provider at OPC-NHTD.

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