Featuring screening hepatitis C and social network Many ex drug users among alcoolic population: screening hepatitis C on a facebook group called “Mois sobre”

Author: Melin P, Pont J, Cottet L, De Matteis M

Theme: Epidemiology & Public Health Research Year: 2019

Many alcoholic persons are ex drug users . Prevalence hepatitis C is most important than general
population, optimistic assessment around 4-6%.
actually ex drug users are screened only when they’re identified in general medicine or addictology
but ex Drug users became alcoholic persons are not screened and cared.
To touch the community of ex drug users became alcoholics we decided to find a closed group of patients
chronic drinkers.
We choose a facebook group named : Mois Sobre. At the beginning this group is a model of the dry january,
but this group continue today and tofurther increase month after month : 680 members today.
We organized a web conference live on facebook with Laurence Cottet , expert patient and Dr Pascal Melin
to explain how we would proceed for screening.
we would suggest Screenings for people who wish it and screenings will be done by blood tests
We would obtain several stages cascade system : numbers of members, number of people who have seen
web conference, prescriptions asked, number of prescriptions done, results and at last initiated treatments.
Social network is a good way to find people.
Screening of hepatitis C can’t wait on punctual screening when a consultation or when a campaign … it ‘s
too little!
if we want a global eradication like wished by MSO, we must search everywhere and social network is a
good way to find first, and screen remotely forgotten people.
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