Furthering the hepatitis C diagnosis process to easy access and comprehensive coverage.

Author: Lntong J, Wichitchan W, Sripamong J

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2018

In Thailand, initial screening for HCV is not readily available to all populations, there are no
clear guidelines for the reimbursement of hospital fees. A clear census of people with HCV
cannot be established if the infected person does not have access to screening and
Description of model of care/intervention:
We help those at-risk and the general population in accessing HCV screenings through
three methods:
1. Local population, we create forums consisting of staff from the district and provincial
hospitals, drop-in drug users, villagers from the community and the National Health
Security Office (NHSO) to assess the needs within the patient referral policy and
NHSO reimbursement to local hospitals. The forum also serves as an outreach to the
general population.
2. Policy brief and report on the HCV – analyzing problems within government
performance and policies and content of the law and policy; the final report was
distributed to policy makers countrywide.
3. Implementation – As a result of policy briefs, and forums we discussed with
policymakers through formal meetings, direct talks and also by organized activities.
After the policy brief the government sectors has acknowledged the document and reviewed
the laws related to HCV. The initial screening test for HCV that was available only for HIV
patients is now available to the public.
Conclusion and next steps:
Through learning and analyzing methods from other countries on efficient RNA tests, we are
working on submitting suggested strategy alterations to policy makers. In order to ensure
that all tests are fully reimbursed by the NHSO

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