Keep Your Foot On The Pedal! Kombi Clinic Leads Re-Elimination at Lotus Glen Correctional Centre

Author: Mim O'Flynn Joss O'Loan Matt Young Winnie Nguyen Samantha White Dorrit Grimstrup Michael Mooney

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2022

Clearance of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in corrections is crucial to HCV Elimination. Partnership with
strategic players is fundamental to achieving this goal. In 2017, HCV Elimination was demonstrated
in Lotus Glen Correctional Centre in Far North Queensland. As is the nature of this virus, sustained
efforts must be continued so we approached Lotus Glen with a simplified, rapid, and accessible
testing plan.
Description of model of care/intervention:
Leading a collaborative partnership, Kombi Clinic conducted a HCV Point of Care Testing (PoCT) blitz
in October 2021. With the advent of Cepheid’s GeneXpert® PoCT for HCV RNA we moved four
machines between differing prison units, allowing testing of 16 samples per hour with access to all.
Over five days interrupted by regular musters, lockdowns and codes, we were able to fingerstick test
423 men. This represented 44% of the prison population. 10.4% tested HCV RNA positive (n=44) and
all were prescribed their DAA by the end of the fifth testing day. Of those testing HCV positive, 97%
identified as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, 77% were currently injecting and 25%
had previously been treated.
Conclusion and next steps:
Fingerstick HCV PoCT blitz in corrections is a huge game changer, especially when treatment is
commenced within days of diagnosis. This unique model is planned for roll out to four other
Queensland correctional facilities in early 2022.
Disclosure of Interest Statement:

GeneXpert machines and cartridges were provided free of charge
by Gilead Sciences Pty. Ltd. via a pilot point-of-care testing program.

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