Wessex Clinical Vans

Author: Louise Hansford Alan Howard Sean Caddy Mark Wright

Theme: Models of Care Year: 2022

In 2020, NHS England invited Hepatitis C (HCV) Operational Delivery Networks to bid for Clinical Van
Funding. Inclusion Recovery Hampshire had a clinical van as part of the substance misuse contract,
but did not have staff to fully utilise it. Thus, there were missed opportunities to address unmet
needs, not only within substance misuse but also within HCV testing and linkage to care.
Description of model of care/intervention:
In response to NHS England’s invitation, Inclusion led a successful bid seeking funding for 2 fullystaffed vans to cover Hampshire and Dorset – now known as Wessex Clinical Vans (WCV). 24
stakeholders within community drug services developed and mapped out, across the vast
geographical region, an HCV programme for the WCV, including high intensity test and treat (HITT)
initiatives, pharmacy events, as well as routine testing and treatment clinics. Peers from The
Hepatitis C Trust worked in partnership alongside the WCV to ensure that those identified with
active HCV infection had access to ongoing support. Both WCV have use of Cepheid machines,
increasing opportunities to test for HCV.
1699 contacts took place on WCV between April–December 2021, comprising of 1012 individuals.
110 HCV diagnoses were made (35 retreatments) and subsequently 104 patients have started HCV
treatment. 147 sustained virological responses (SVR) have been recorded. 400+ litres of used needle
waste has been collected and over 35 Naloxone kits dispensed. 20+ people identified as having
active HCV infection by the WCV were not previously known to any services.
Conclusion and next steps:
Led by community drug services working in partnership with The Hepatitis C Trust, WCV has
achieved phenomenal outcomes, such that SVRs are now being recorded for individuals who have
been diagnosed and treated solely on the van. The programme of HCV events for WCV will continue
in 2022.
Disclosure of Interest Statement:
Nothing to disclose.

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