Hepatitis C in Primary Care and Drug and Alcohol Settings Education Program

Open access online learning modules

This online learning module consists of four individual modules that should be completed in sequential order. Each module will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete and all four modules must be completed prior to attending a workshop. Or, you can complete the online learning independently. 

Online learning modules (Italian)


The highly interactive workshops give participants an opportunity to put learning into practice. Facilitated by local experts in the field, the workshop is structured around real-life case studies giving attendees the skills to confidently manage patients with hepatitis C.

The workshops are free to attend, but places are limited so registration is essential. 

If you do not see any dates in your country, please register your interest here:

21 January 2023

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28 January 2020
NH Hotel Foro Italico Foro Italico Umberto,

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23 January 2020
T Hotel Cagliari Via dei Giudicati,

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21 January 2020
Policlinico Umberto I, Clinica Malattie Tropicali, Auletta Secondo Piano, Viale del Policlinico,

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16 January 2020
Hotel NH Padova Via Niccolò Tommaseo,

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Decision Making in HCV

This resource covers indications for testing and diagnosis of hepatitis C and provides a step-by-step guide to treating hepatitis C in primary care. 


Decision Making in Viral Hepatitis Related Advanced Liver Disease 

An overview of the causes of advanced liver disease, when to suspect advanced liver disease is present, when to refer to a specialist or when immediate referral to hospital is indicated, and decompensated cirrhosis.


HCV Treatments Quick Reference Guide

This resource is an easy to use quick reference guide to aid HCV treatment decision-making.


Italian Steering Committee

The Education Program is developed and delivered in collaboration with many partners. The International Education Program Steering Committee provide oversight and direction to the Program and we thank them for their involvement. Our Italian Steering Committee members who contributed to the development and delivery of this program are: 

  • A/Prof. Alessio Aghemo
    Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, Humanitas University
  • A/Prof. Sergio Babudieri
    Associate Professor, Infectious Diseases University of Sassari
  • Dr. Antonio Boschini
    Infectious Disease and Addiction specialist, San Patrignano Community
  • Mr. Andrea Fallarini
    Coordinator, ItanPUD
  • Dr. Ivan Gardini
    President, EpaC Onlus Association
  • Prof. Ignazio Grattagliano
    Professor of Family Medicine and General Practice, University of Bari Aldo Mor


  • Dr. Loreta Kondili
    MD, PHD Center for Global Health, Higher Institute of Health
  • Dr. Felice Nava
    Director, Penitentiary Health and Prison Dependencies
  • A/Prof. Salvatore Petta
    Associate Professor of Gastroenterology University of Palermo
  • Prof. Gloria Taliani
    Professor of Infectious Disease, University of Rome La Sapienza
  • Dr. Elisabetta Teti
    Addiction Medicine & Infectious Disease Specialist, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Sadly, since the development of this program, Andrea Fallarini has passed away. Andrea touched the lives of many and will be deeply missed. We extend our most sincere condolences to all who knew Andrea, including his colleagues at Italian Network of People who Use Drugs (ItaNPUD). Members of ItaNPUD wish to share this tribute to their peer and friend Andrea Fallarini. 

Useful links

Associazione Italiana Studio del Fegato (AISF)

AISF is a non-profit scientific association established in 1970 and recognised in May 1998 by an Italian Government ministerial decree.  It is the only national association for the study of the liver.

With over 1800 members who are hepatologists from different areas of expertise (gastroenterology, internal medicine, transplantation, infectious diseases, immunology, surgery), AISF promotes the advance of scientific research and of the clinical practice of hepatology through training initiatives and the exchange of scientific knowledge.

Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco

The Italian Medicines Agency – AIFA is a public body that operates independently, transparently and economically, under the direction of the Ministry of Health and the supervision of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy.

EpaC Associazione Onlus

The Association was founded with two purposes: to create an economically independent association and to develop concrete and operational know-how on hepatitis C counseling, education, prevention and information. EpaC is now the most active not-for-profit group in Italy in providing information on hepatitis C.

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